Mentoring Programme

Date: 21 Aug 2023

At HIND Management we are committed to supporting our people’s development. We have different opportunities available to our staff, some of which are available when needed, i.e. without having to wait ‘in line’ or for the next budget round. Mentoring is one of these opportunities.

In te reo Māori, the Tuakana-Teina concept describes the relationship between an older or more expert tuakana (brother, sister or cousin) who helps and guides and a younger or less expert teina (a younger sibling or cousin). In a learning environment that recognises the value of ako (teaching and learning relationship), the tuakana–teina roles may be reversed at any time which means that both Mentor and Mentee have things to offer, and both can benefit from participating in a mentorship relationship.

Mentoring will:
  • Broaden connections across our business as we have a wide range of role types and structures, and a geographically dispersed workforce across New Zealand.
  • Help to bring our culture to life via our more experienced team members speaking openly about and role-modelling our values.
  • Enhance the career progression of our people, including lifting their spirits and confidence and providing support if they don’t have any formal training in our industry.
  • Support our people to build their emotional skills in addition to their technical capabilities.
  • Enable us to keep in touch with our high-potential employees in a more structured way.
  • Enhance the wellbeing of our people by providing them with another avenue of support.
  • Leverage our strength in relationships which is a common thread that runs through feedback from our people


Types of Mentoring


Management Mentoring

This focuses on supporting people in management positions to build the skills required to lead people, often for the first time.

Mentoring for Growth

This mentoring will help the people who have significant potential in our business to continue to grow in areas of their interest so they are able to keep adding value to our business.

Reverse Mentoring

This is when the mentor is typically a junior-level employee who mentors someone in a more senior position to fill in gaps in their knowledge. It often focuses on new technology.


Mentoring is:
  • A way to accelerate professional development and learn a new range of skills from someone with different perspectives and expertise.
  • A partnership between a mentor and mentee based on mutual trust, respect, openness, encouragement and a willingness to learn.
  • Brought to life in a safe environment which encourages the mentee to experiment, practice, learn and get feedback.
  • An investment of time, energy and thought from both the mentee and the mentor.
Mentoring isn't:
  • Random: a mentoring relationship requires structure including one-on-one meetings, follow-up and ongoing evaluation of progress.
  • Bound by the mentee’s current job or role; although it may add value for now, mentoring also builds capabilities for the future.
  • Coaching: while mentors may employ elements of coaching (which is largely guiding the mentee to find their own solutions), they have specific skills and experience to share with the mentee.
  • For everyone: mentors and mentees will be chosen based on what will work best for our people and to support the achievement of our business goals.


Become a Mentee

  • The mentee’s role is to steer the mentoring relationship. 
  • This includes being clear on their goals, strengths and development opportunities, and what they hope to get out of the partnership. 
  • They need to be open to receiving feedback (both positive and negative), arrange and prepare for the meetings, and follow through on suggestions and recommendations to give updates in future catch-ups.
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Become a Mentor

  • The mentor’s role is to share experience, insights and feedback that will guide the mentor in the achievement of their learning objectives. 
  • Mentors provide a sounding board, give advice, and share encouragement and inspiration.
  • Their role is also to be a representative of HIND Management, and to bring to life our values through their conversations and by acting a role-model.
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